Conversion Measurement

Conversion Measurement

Conversion measurement gives you the feedback that allows you to determine what’s working and what’s not working in your marketing program.

Custom Landing Page - $299

We can customize a landing page for your campaign or products that will generate great conversions. The page comes complete with Google Analytics conversion coding. Combine with A/B experiments to maximize effectiveness.

A/B Experiment - $249

We will set up an A/B experiment between your landing page and a copy of that page. We’ll measure the results until there’s a proven winner. Two almost identical pages with one notable difference. Half the traffic goes to one page, the other half of the traffic goes to the other page. Which page performs best?

Bounce Rate Reduction - $349

Bounce rate is essentially the measure of people clicking the “Back” button on their browser after seeing a single page of your website. It’s not what they expected or want. What is the use of more traffic if much of your traffic is repelled by your website? Why not capture more of the opportunity you already have?

If it can’t be measured, it can’t be managed.