How to Put your Business on Page One of Google

A digital marketing checklist for Belize tourism stakeholders

It seems counter-intuitive from a business perspective, but we want to share some confidential data and insights from to show you how to put YOUR business on Page One of Google. is the fastest growing travel information and booking website for Belize. We don't claim to be the best, but we do a decent job at digital marketing and have top ranking on Google for many travel search terms.

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In our extensive experience with digital marketing, we've learned some lessons along the way and we are sharing some insights to help other Belize tourism stakeholders adapt to this new era where digital marketing takes an ever increasing role in tourism.

If you can learn something from what we are doing (or not doing) and you can use it to improve your business and get more bookings, then we all win because we are all in this tourism industry together.
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