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Summary has curated a comprehensive list of Belize Hotel listings that integrate with our content for Belize destinations, events, tours, and transportation options. As a hotel marketing manager, you can claim your hotel listing and customize your own content. gets up to 200,000 page views per month for people looking for booking options in Belize.
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Use the Request button to send a request to claim your premium listing. Alternatively, you can send us an email at and specify the hotel name and location to claim your FREE listing. Our technical team will contact you for verification and provide instructions on how to claim your listing.


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Your Hotel Listing account allows you to customize your hotel page with the following features.
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The premium subscription allows you to add your own direct booking button above the default booking button to drive direct bookings to your own website or preferred booking engine. You can add the optional add-on fee to your subscription to completely remove all third party button, widgets, and links to sites such as,, and others. This ensures that only your direct booking links are promoted for your property.
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