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Custom web solutions for the travel and service industry.

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Belize Digital Media is the first platform in Belize that allows you to Launch marketplaces similar to & More. Our platform includes CMS, SEO, Communication, Scheduling, Payment Processing, and more.

About Us

Everything you need to acquire guests online.

From the smallest bed & breakfasts to the largest chains, Belize Digital Media is the name trusted by many hotels and private businesses around the world to acquire new and repeat guests. We recognize that businesses like you would much rather spend time creating memorable guest experiences than making technology work. Our holistic suite of solutions manages every stage of your guests’ booking journey so you can:

Virtual Event Management

We help event organizers and corporation host events online. Attend virtual events at home, remote conferences, networking.

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Managing Virtually

Manage registrations and attendees easily

Always on Schedule

Stay on schedule, on task, and on budget.

Swift Communication

Simplify communications and processes

Direct Booking Engine

This service will allow you to sell your rooms/Tours etc. through your own website and third party sites your small hotel is listed on.

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Be Visible

Gain heightened visibility through all the direct channels that matter.

Better Booking Experience

Maximize revenue and drive increased conversions with a quick booking experience.

Have complete control

Regain complete control over every stage of your guest journey and own the relationship.

DMO Referral Engine

Direct Referral Engine enables visitors to enter their travel dates and search for accommodations that have availability.

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Preferred Dates

Check-in and check-out date fields enable visitors to easily search using their preferred dates.

Refined Search

Category and location search fields allow visitors to refine their search.

Interactive Form

The interactive form widget enables users to search for customized rates and availability.

Digital Marketing

Belize Digital Media is a leading digital marketing agency that focuses on growing your business successfully with online marketing services.

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  • Problem-solving
  • Idea generation
  • Strategic solutions

User Experience

  • Data-driven research
  • Engagement
  • User behavior

Brand Elevation

  • Visual identity
  • Image reinforcement
  • Brand essence

Our Services are fully customizable

Our platform is fully customisable to your business needs. Customise and edit your layout, from header to footer.


Easily custom build listing types out of building blocks like LEGO.

Business Logic

Control page flows, 3 monetization models and more.


Build pages to your design out of 300+ elements. Customize colors, fonts, and layouts.

Our Features

Belize Digital Media is fully modular. Our platform offers a wide set of features adapted to different platform needs.

Custom Listings

Create a unique structure for your content. Each listing type can be made out of 28+ different data elements like text lines, array of check boxes, locations, reviews & more.

Tracking Activity

Track & moderate listing creation and updates from your admin control panel. Hire teams to populate your marketplace & monitor their activity. View booking request details as they come.

Admin Control

Separate administrator control panel where you can monitor, configure, prefill content into your marketplace.

Filtering & Sorting

Each listing field can be filtered and sorted by. Great for large sets of listings. Customers will be able to find exactly what they are looking for.

Direct Booking

Customers can book directly via Email, Whatsapp, Phone and More.

Availability Calendar

Set general availability that repeats every week, month or year ,Set availability for certain days or date ranges for your listings ,Set discount or surges for specific dates or ranges ,Automatic booked blocked dates.

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Our Clients Spotlight

Some of the marketplaces designed and launched by Belize Digital Media.

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