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  • Priority Placement of Company Profile
As an existing tour provider, you can enhance your company profile throughout our site with a premium placement sponsorship. You already benefit from our digital marketing activities to market your tours for free on Now you can enhance the exposure of your brand across all our content pages, including the most comprehensive list of Belize Hotels and our high traffic content that rank on top of Google search results.
How to Sign Up
Use the Request button to send a request to sign up for a Premium Tour Operator listing. Your subscription term lasts for one year.
Feature your company as a preferred tour operator on the fastest growing Belize travel information and booking site. To be eligible for this subscription, you must already have a Tour Operator agreement and active listings on This will enhance your beand exposure, and ultimately drive more bookings for you.

*Learn more about the Statistics on our websites and SEO tactics we use.

What is the benefit for you? gets a ton of traffic from international travelers looking for booking options in Belize. In addition to tours, we have also expanded  our content to showcase a full list of Belize hotels and important Belize travel updates. ranks on top of Google results for many popular search terms. By placing your company name beyond the tour listing pages, you will enhance your brand exposure.

What is included?
Your Premium Tour Operator Listing will provide additional benefits beyond the free benefits you already enjoy on Specifically, premium tour operator profiles will have priority placement across all Service Provider listing pages and content. Your company will show as one of the top results and recommended provider. 

- Premium Tour Operators will be showcased as recommended tour operators on most hotel listings within your main service region (see example). 

- Premium Tour Operators will be showcased on the homepage of

- Premium Tour Operators will also be showcased on Blog pages, Podcast pages, Restaurant Pages, and Destination Pages where relevant.

- Premium Tour Operators will be showcased on our social media pages.

For $1 per day, you will enhance your company exposure and stand out on relevant content and hotel pages on Online a limited number of premium listings will be accepted per region. Claim your region placement now before it is unavailable.
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Premium Tour Operator Listing - Regular
Payment Options
All prices in USD. Payment can be made online by credit card or by local bank transfer in Belize. You are not charged until your request is accepted.
Subscriptions are Non Refundable and lasts for one year from the date of payment.
No Refund
  • Cancellations made at a later date will not be refunded.
No, this service is exclusive to service providers listed on It is free to become a service provider, and we have the lowest commission rates in the industry.
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